Monday, December 25, 2006

Facebook please?

The latest guilty-pleasure to rapidly pervade through the world-wide-web is Facebook! So first step for all non-facebookers should be: Get a Facebook, quick. []

Why? It's one the best ways of keeping in touch with people. MSN Messenger is good, this is a as good, if not better. The beauty of it is its user-friendliness and it's really easy build a network of randomly connected friends. Picture-uploading is awesome, and shite easy and wall-posting is brilliant. It's easy, not complicated, and very, very addictive. It keeps you updated on everyone you want to be updated on even though you are too scared to admit so. :P

Not convincing enough? Ask anyone who has a Facebook! In short, get one, it's worth it! And add me. :P

P.S. Merry Merry Christmas to everyone, especially to Jesus' followers.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Dubai International Film Fest – DIFFing Around

I volunteered for this “prestigious” festival, thanks to a few ads in the newspaper, some positive Ish-related motivation and due to the convincing nature of the DIFF website. For all the hype it created, DIFF was just okay, at least volunteering-wise. Fine Shah Rukh Khan showed up and got jumped by the usually fanatically over-eccentric gals, and so did Richard Gere – wow! Old ‘Hot’ Guy – YAY! Stop making such a big deal out of it. *8-|*

Initially when Romit and I went for the “Volunteer Recruitment Session”, I was awed by the good organization and the convincing positive speeches, making it sound as if volunteering at DIFF was everything you could dream of. I have to give it to Bob and the gang – we volunteers were treated too damn well. We got Dhs 45 vouchers to places like Dome and Schzzam for our “40-minute” lunch or dinner breaks. Obviously, “40 minutes” didn’t happen, but a couple of hours did. We got a lot of goodies, a lot of free screening vouchers, a funky-enough t-shirt, a lot of food and a lot of ‘make-us-feel-important’. Well done you guys, but hey, face the facts. We volunteers were actually doing shit. We were tearing tickets, clicking counters to count the number of film-watchers, ushering guests, ushering guests to the other ushers, flirting with the so called “hot girls”, eating great food, making once-and-only friends, and trying to feel important. We weren’t even half important. I feel they had enough paid ushers (the ones in the blue shirts) to handle the event. Also, there were just too many of us volunteers to the extent that unthinkable jobs were being created. This was so over-free-employment.

Okay fine, maybe I am being a little too negative. I must admit I had a decent time. I definitely enjoyed the food and got to know a couple of really nice and interesting people who I hope I will keep in touch with. I also got to know a group of DPS guys, who knew me (somehow) and found out why our school is so much better and more intellectual than the other Indian schools. These DPS guys were cool, but were too damn Bollywood for me. They were worried more about getting the most funked out phone than anything else, and what blew me away was that they were trying to justify themselves. Though one of them did genuinely entertain me, all of them were automatic-unintended entertainers, if you get what I mean. Fun-fill-ment indeed. I also got to spend time with a long lost friend who I only only meet when this other person is in town, whether this other person is there with us at that moment or not – weirdly enough.

I attended 2 of my 3 shifts. The first one was at the Mall Of The Emirates which was half decent – had a scrumptious lunch at Schzzam with 5 other people out of which I think I will never see 4 of them again. Note: At Schzzam there was this really awesome Magician who really and brilliantly, truly brilliantly entertained us while we awaited our food. Tejas, this Spanish Magician-dude would have made you go madder than you have ever gone before.

My second shift was at the Madinat Arena, i.e. The Red Carpet Zone, which was also half decent. Ishika was great company on a very ‘honest’ day (go figure) and so where the other 5 people who we will also, probably never meet again. Food was once again scrumptious, but painstakingly late at the Dome. We were eating like kings. Anyway 2 half-decent shifts make one decent experience, right?

Bob and the other Volunteer-In-charge people did a good job of handling the volunteers. The problem was that there weren’t enough genuine volunteers. Some wanted the girls, some wanted a learning/fun experience (like me :P) and only a minimum few actually wanted to make the most of this Film-Fest experience, beyond just the ticket-tearing and guest-ushering. And that was kinda sad to see.

When it comes to the Dubai International Film Festival itself, it was glorified with all the “big names” and the “big movies”. It was just about putting forth a grand image of the festival. I almost fell into the superficial “grandeur” of the event, but thanks to a local film-maker, I was bestowed with the right facts. A film festival is not about “big names” and “big films”, it’s about showcasing those off-beat films that don’t make it to the cinema theaters. It’s about giving an opportunity to the opportunity-less in a rapidly growing industry. It’s not about showing popular films that will hit the theaters soon. DIFF failed to uplift the true essence of a film-festival. Yes it did make an effort by hosting an Local Short Film competition, but there was too much concentration on the popularity aspect of films. But I guess the commercial approach is important for the sustenance of the festival. But so much of commercialism? Maybe not.

P.S. Any experience is an experience, good or bad, and it teaches you something or the other. So I apologize for the pessimism.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Kickstarting Footballism

Footballism officially starts. To all my ignorant blog-readers, Footballism is this other blog I have started to divert all my football energy away from this blog, keeping the contents of this blog more general, and preventing un-required judgmental Bajpai comments as to how football-oriented this blog is. Footballism now has it's first proper exclusive post, and will be, hopefully updated frequently, especially after mega encounters like Arsenal-Chelsea for instant. Man Utd-Liverpool: umm maybe not - those teams aren't that great now, are they?

Anyway visit it here:

P.S. Good luck to Harry and the other guys for their Inter School One Act Play Competition. We know you guys are gonna kick ass, so please do it royally.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Guess who is joining the Premiership Rat Race (PRR) of use-lots-off-wealth-on-team-to-become-rich-and-famous – our very own, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the proud ruler of Dubai. Yes Govind, you can partially rejoice – his Highness is planning to pitch in 480 million pounds to buy the living hell out of Liverpool. So, that somewhat means ,that Arsenal is the only nor-foreign-bought club, which ironically has a non-foreign coach and only 1 English player in its top playing 16. Right. The English, I tell you.

Anyway, why Liverpool is all happy is because now they can get a new stadium, and be totally wannabe’s of Arsenal. It’s okay Govind, it’s only natural for any club to do so. What Sheikh Mohammed is going to be doing is clearing all Liverpool debts (which not surprisingly is about 80 million pounds), buying controlling stake worth 180 million pounds and investing in the new stadium that will be built in Stanley Park. He, the owner of Dubai International Capital (DIC), is one rich man. Respect sir, and please don’t kick me out of the country.

It’s also fun, yes plain fun, to note that Dubai now indirectly owns major chunks of 2 clubs - Arsenal, with all the ‘Emirates’ sponsoring and Liverpool, with the latest DIC take-over bid. What’s even more fun to note is that now the premiership might turn out to be a 3 way battle – The Americans (Glazers & Man Utd) v/s The Russians (Abrahamovich & Chelsea) v/s The Middle East (Sheikh Mohammed & Liverpool). Boy oh boy – World War III indeed.

On a more saving-my-ass note, actually quite seriously, I have deep respect for our ruler Sheikh Mohammed. He is one hell of a strategist, and his vision is boundless but practical. Dubai is where it is because of him. Hats off on a great job sir, and good luck with Liverpool.

P.S. This post is a mixture of football and Dubai, so you’ll find it on both of my blogs. =)

Saturday, December 02, 2006


I rock. From 6:30 AM on the 27th of October to 10:30 PM on the 28th of October, I did not sleep. This didn’t even include a 15-minute nap or a ‘siesta’ or what some call a few minutes of ‘power sleep’. Hah! It was the longest day of my life. From reaching the pinnacle of tension, to having the highest amount of adrenalin flowing through my veins, to dislocating fingers, to "DIFF"-ing, not only was my day friggin’ long, it was as eventfully dramatic. I most probably failed in my physics exam, dislocated my pinki, barfed on the school doc, and missed the entire inter-house cricket season. Shit, that ain’t any good. Damn. I suck.

Having never touched my physics book, on the eve of my second term physics examination, I am somewhat confident that I would be able to study enough to get the passing marks. But as I tread along, slowly, on the path to physical enlightenment, my fuel tank hits empty. Enter Red Bull. Time to revert to a previously non-existent plan B. My aim: to survive the night and reach as close as I can to the sweet grapes of physical thoroughness. Also, even if the plan fails, I would at least be able to gloat about the great over night survival. 24 hours of nocturn-ity complete.

The morning dawns, faster than it should have. My studies progress, slower than they should have. I finish half the portion, and my time is up. Red Bull seemed to be quite a saviour. It is definitely inspiring for it has printed on it: “Only drink in times of great stress. It will help provide extra energy and enhance your performance”. Inspiring indeed.

I finally reach school, buoyed up with drug-like energy, thanks to the ‘wings’ that I have received. Assembly ends on a sour note – the swimming team are told that they will not take part in their Inter School Meet due to a lack of practice, and my unfortunate self is a part of this team. However, it turns out to be just a threat, but anyway I don't go for the meet, because my eventually, my pinki betrays me.

Anyway, my physics exam begins, and the more I read the question paper, the more I forget. In the compulsory section, I half-confidently attempt only 5 questions of the 20. Not bad, huh? Section A of Part II, are worse, I attempt 2 subparts of 2 big questions instead of attempting the entire questions. Section B and Section C are not as bad, but aren't that pretty either. Anyway, all is not lost, I might just scrape through.

The exam ends, and I am glad that I don't have to come home and study, instead I have swimming practice. Practice is good, except for the fact that I learn that my kicks are very poor compared to everyone else’s. I don't have any strength in my legs. Now this definitely hurts the pride and ego of an individual who is considered to be a good sportsman. You start questioning God and the human body. How can you run decently fast, kick a football decently hard, but not be able to kick the water hard enough in swimming? I am confused, but it is explained to me that for different activities, a million different muscles are developed, and those swimming-kicking muscles of mine were very weak. Right.

Practice done, time for our Inter-House cricket match. (Please note: Right now, I haven’t devoured any sort of food. All that has sustained me is my second Red Bull. It has been 30 hours since I have slept.) The cricket match starts, and after just 3 balls, my inter house cricket career ends. Junaid plays a cut shot, and I try and dive for the ball. The ball reaches the boundary, buy my tiny left pinki (i.e. my left tiny finger) gets stuck into the ground. My body, however, continues under the physical force of momentum, and that dislocates my dear pinki, and it almost lies hanging at an angle of about 75 degrees. Not pretty. I relocate it back to it’s place with a “thuk” and then run to the doctor. My body then takes its turn to betray me. It decides to take advantage/revenge on the pain it’s feeling, by sweeping me with nausea and dizziness. I then vomit, and try to control vehemently, but I cannot prevent myself from spewing a bit onto the unfortunate doctor. But the puking helps. I regain self control and apologize profusely to the doctor. The Principal, the Headmaster, the Senior Supervisor, the Admin Officers, the English teacher, the Cricket teachers, the Afternoon-Activities coordinator, and the remaining world suddenly come bursting onto the scene. Lying in bed, due to the nausea, I am told unanimously by all: you will be okay!

I am then ‘rushed’ to hospital, and I go quite reluctantly, only after having a verbal war with the nurse – “I want to watch the cricket match.” But that isn’t good enough. Then I am very thankful to Ali, Tejas and Romit who succeed in entertaining my ass off. They want to come to the hospital, but are blown away by the furious nurse, who had earlier given me glucose, that actually tasted really good. I am fine, no real pain, only a slight niggling pain when I move my little left pinki.

The journey to the hospital is boring. Dad’s a doctor, and he works at Welcare, so obviously I exploit the situation. Even then it takes me an hour before I get to see the doc. Meanwhile I am observing a Filipino wife in her black ‘Burkha’ with a broken leg ordering her Arab husband around. That’s weird indeed, but common in this part of the world. The x-ray shows nothing, but the doc assumes ligament damage. And then finally I reach home without any big plaster to show off, but only this small piece of scrap bandage. Boring patch of the post I know – but still. :P

Well any reasonable human being would have then gone to sleep, especially when there was puking, breaking fingers, etc involved in the previous 6 hours. But I don’t follow normality. It has now been 36 hours without sleep. Mum tells me to sleep. I ignore. I have the DIFF, i.e. Dubai International Film Festival Volunteer Recruitment Session, to attend. The Red Bull energy is still pumping, I make my way there, despite my sister’s warning of a ‘sudden collapse’. Don’t worry nothing of that sort happens, at least then.

Finally we, as in Romit and I, reach the Knowledge Village Auditorium, which I am pretty impressed with. We see a bunch of Modern High girls there. Obviously. What follows is a long lecture and a lot of, “Eh, she’s hot man” and “No, not my type Anish” (note: I am not referring to any Modern High girls there, so please prevent pervasion of rumours). I meet an Al-Mu’atmaar ex-mate Alex, who is btw, a girl, and who is also half-Irish, half-Punjabi. Yeah, don’t ask. She doesn’t remember my name, but at least she remembers me, so kudos to her on that. The evening, otherwise isn’t that exciting. We register for three 6-hour shifts as ticket-checkers or line-keepers or seat-showers – yeah not too exciting either, but it’s an experience in its own way.

Romit and I then eat some heavy KFC and then make tired conversation on our journey home. I arrive to greet my sister, and an official collapse hits me. My sister, the darling she is, irons my school clothes for me, as I treat my semi-broken pinki with ice. I then look at my watch. 10:30 PM – 40 hours. Wow. One hell of a rollercoaster, and one hell of a ‘long’ day.

P.S. Song to listen to: Matchbox 20 – Long Day.
And today, this one person that I care about, and who apparently cares/cared about me, asks me to give up on her. I cry and then laugh at ‘God’, and then at world.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Transitional Blogiarrhea

Okay. The past few posts have been admit tingly random and blah. I didn’t like them, and nor did many of you. The “Going ONE Better” was so fake-sounding. I so over-exaggerated everything. Fine ONE TV is doing well, but it’s not as if the world had found a cure for AIDS. It sounded like that didn’t it? “Oh One is brilliant” and "so is their website" and "wow" this and "wow" that – bull shit. ONE's good, and I appreciate what ONE’s done, but there was no friggin’ substance in my post. It seems as though I was trying too bloody hard. My sister blurted that out to me yesterday, as frankly as she always does, and however much I am not supposed to 'like' it, I appreciate the honesty, because it does make sense. Thanks & damn.

And to add salt to these unsympathetic wounds, “anonymous’s” were on a rampage. What I am about to say does not refer to any of the genuine anonymous commenters who actually constructively criticize and state their opinion. In fact I respect their genuineness. But what’s annoying is when people from my school, who are in my friggin’ class, who I probably know damn well, start posting blatantly offensive, anonymous comments which make no sense and are just put forth to satisfy their desire to extract envious, sadistic pleasure. Screw you guys. It’s evident that you guys don’t have the balls to have an identity, and that you prefer masking your sadism behind this “anonymous” image. It’s so shit, and it just shows how fake you people are, because you require some other random anonymous image to prove to the world that this blogger sucks. Grow up guys, quick.

Let me quote a few examples:

“Anonymous said...

malpani u be a gud advertising agent ... man many companies will come to u onli 4 da reason dat dey hav to advertise their product ..

November 28, 2006 7:32 PM”

What’s the point of saying something like that? I’d rather prefer you tell me what the hell is wrong with my post in a ‘dignified’ manner, as Ashiq puts it, rather than saying such baseless rubbish. Tell me that the post sucked because it lacked substance and effort, and because it was exaggerated. I’ll accept it, and feel bad at the same time, not at you, but at myself. That way, you’ll get your sick sadistic pleasure too.

“Anonymous said...

crap malpani.....advertising for one tv

November 28, 2006 1:24 PM “

Another sad comment…

And I will never get this dude:

“Anonymous said...

No holiday on wed and thurs. That's just effing sad innit?

November 25, 2006 7:21 PM “

Why the hell do you have to go anonymous to say something like that? It’s obvious – you are from my school, probably from my grade, and I don’t think you have anything to hide. Sometimes I just don’t get people. Generally, I try and ignore such bull shit , but I just felt like – WTF? – let’s try and knock some sense in to those that are making this blogosphere a joke.

Rajiv put it rightly to me today at lunch - blogs are suddenly becoming ‘status symbols’ – it’s “hip” to have a blog, and that’s bloody sad. Get a grip of yourself and let’s pursue mature and interesting and worthy-of-reading discussions.

My previous blog post on the summary of the current status of the blogosphere was way out of line. Once again, my sister did the reminding. I breached the most important unsaid rule of blogging. Blogging is never discussed outside the blogosphere, nor is it meant to be ‘reviewed’ like I did in that earlier post. I apologize for that. It’s just that I am in this transitional “Blogiarrhea” where I am not blogstipated, but am just getting to conscious of what I am posting, so I am posting excessively, thinking too much about it, and the result is utter embarrassment on retrospection. “Will my readers like it? Is it cool enough? Is this wise-crack funny or lame?” These are stupid questions I don’t need to ask myself. Suddenly I have become excessively formal and superficial and it’s bothering me. Maybe the pressure of having a decent number of readers is getting to me, and yeah you anonymous ball-less people don’t help either. I am not going to delete the posts that I am not ‘proud’ of because that’s like running away from the truth. And I hate that.

As for you commenters/readers, I love reading your genuine comments, whether they are appreciative or dogmatic or derogatory, as long as they have substance. So please continue to do so. Lose the unnecessary anonymous comments though. This obviously does not refer to those anonymous’ who just want to state their substantiated opinion in a dignified manner. That’s perfectly fine. All bloggers want comments, and these comments sustain us in their own little way. Also, there exists an unsaid competition with these comments amidst fellow bloggers, which is only natural. It’s not necessarily good, and it’s worse when people try and re-state and glorify something so unnecessary just to draw more sick pleasure.

On Harry’s blog…

“Other said...

Congrats, you've got more posts on your 3rd post than Anish got in his 20+ posts. Not a competition I know. You've written a good post that everyone has a different stand on.

6:34 AM “

This ‘Other’ dude is definitely from our school. Why try and hide yourself, and why the fuck do you have to mention my name and get me unnecessarily involved? You knew you were trying to sting my ego with something like that. Fine if you wrote that comment as yourself, as someone I knew, I wouldn’t care because I would know you were trying to pull my leg. But the very fact that you went anonymous proves your friggin’ sadistic motives. Harry got 52 comments on that and I am proud of him. But you, you need to lose the polite way of bringing in something that had nothing to do with Harry's initial post.

Anyway, I won’t be surprised if you anonymous commenters flip over something like this. I really don’t care. It's only in your sadistic nature to rub salt in open wounds. Just like you have a friggin’ opinion on everything, so do I. But the only difference is that I have the balls to say it as myself.

Anyway, this transitional phase should pass. All phases teach you something and this has too. I need to worry less about what the world will think about me, and try and prevent myself from glorifying an image that ‘my blog greatest’. This blog is for me and I want to enjoy it. Screw everything else.

P.S. For all the bajpai-like-thinkers, I have started, or rather, am starting, a parallel blog dedicated only to my passion - football.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Going "One" Better

ONE TV, or rather "Dubai ONE TV" recently changed their look. They re-did their adverts, their teasers, their logo and added more style to the rapidly improving channel. I am downright proud to say that the new look is funky and very, very professional. Gone are the Ch. 33 days that concentrated more on horse-racing and 'The Bold & The Beautiful', than good entertainment.

The whole 'red comma' effect is brilliant. The 'Matrix' hit-off of using the 'comma' as bullets is, more than anything, very professionally done, and downright cool. The whole trampoline and ribbon effect with the comma's and the 3-note ONE TV tune is quite awesome too, both looks-wise and brain-wise. Don't know what I am talking about? Check out the 'One TV' fillers - "ongoing entertainment" indeed.

And the channel is not just superficially efficient. They've bought rights for 'Desperate Housewives' and air a brilliant plethora of fascinating programs. Even though the addition of 'Desperate Housewives' was done a year later here than in the rest of the world, ONE TV succeeds in giving a holistic combination of entertainment to satisfy all needs, and what's even more worthy of a mention is that, these guys at ONE seem desperate to do better, and that's always good sign, ain't it?

The reason for this post - I was highly impressed by ONE, and maybe I really enjoyed today's 'Friends' episode aired on it. But none the less, ONE TV kicks MBC 4's ass, right now at least. As for the other Middle East channels, they are pretty poor in comparison, and have a lot to catch up on. Learn from the 'one' and the only pride-earner!

P.S. I am in no way affiliated to ONE TV, and in no way is this some publicity effort for them. My appreciation is genuine. And to add, even their website is brilliant.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Blogging Bug...

Almost everyone's got it now, and it's spreading like fire on fuel. Brilliant.
Everyone has a blog. Everyone that doesn't have one, wants one. Yes ALI, you do too. Admit it. Admit it.

From Shweta's republican attacks to Harry's homosexuality, things are indeed getting interesting. Nothing "Secret-Dubai-awe-stirring-like" though - Harry's coming close. Ashiq's getting wiser, but his blog ain't going anywhere, even though the 3 posts he has are brilliantly brilliant. Consistency is vital. The Cryptic is somewhat revived, thank God. Romit's memory is pushing along. Vent-spaces are growing and daring moves are being made - 'Sex & Dubai' - unbelievable. 'Sex & Dubai' (who is referred to as a person) is actually a part of the UAE Blog Community. Oh, and I advice all you fellow UAE-based bloggers to register to the UAE Blog Community to increase hits, and spread the fact that "they know they want it". Also registering yourself with Technorati is another way of officially establishing yourself in the blogosphere.

All you other budding dogmats (:P), get hold of a blog. It's simple, it's a way of growing, it's entertaining, it's your way of being a part of the world wide web that is making our world smaller and smaller, it's your newspaper, it's your memory, it's your way of being heard, it's your way of connecting with world and making those previously-impossible contacts, it's your space - you do what you want with it - enjoy it. Rajiv, Republican - you would do really well with one.

Blog on!

P.S. Maths = screwed.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Anything to get past the earlier post, I thought I would put up some of the stuff that I listen to. Many a time, I find it hard to find good music, and if you find yourself in the same rut, maybe this will help you.
  1. Meatloaf & Marion Raven - It's All Coming Back To Me Now: Personally, I really like it. It's one of those slowish rock songs, with a lot of piano. But what makes it brilliant is the duet between Meatloaf and Raven, it's beautifully put together.
  2. Oasis - Masterplan: Known to most as emotional or "cry-ey" song makers , Oasis fail to disappoint with another similar rendition. But hey, it's still really good. It's a very new song, and will do well on the charts. A must hear.
  3. Christina Aguilera - Hurt: Yeah fine, everyone considers her to be one of the "Britney-Spears" types, but no one can deny her ability to sing. Hurt is an okay song technically, but Christina Aguilera's voice will just blow you away. Shit, she is awesome. It starts of as a piano acoustic, and then moves into some drums and violin. I really enjoy listening to it.
  4. The Scorpions - Hurricane 2000: Ali made me listen to this, and the intro just makes me listen to it over and over again. It's a re-make of the Scoripions-hit, Rock You Like A Hurricane, but with an orchestra backing it. Again, brilliant.
  5. Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most: This Tejas recommended to me, in his bid to tell me how he could relate so much to it. Sometimes, that's what makes a song awesome, the fact that you can relate to every word. Anyway, it's a good song. I like the lead singer's voice.
  6. Jimmy Eat World - Pain: I love the pace of this song, and the name "pain" is very daunting. I love listening to it!
  7. Good Charlotte - Emotionless: A very emotion-full song - that's why I like it.
  8. Matchbox Twenty - Soul: I had to put an unheard-of Matchbox Twenty song to pay homage to my favourite band. This song is full of energy. Maybe you won't like it when you hear it for the first time, but the words and the passion makes it a very close-to-the-heart song once you start liking it.
  9. Snow Patrol Featuring Martha Wainwright - Set The Fire To The Third Bar: The new Snow Patrol song that really grows on you. This one has been on my playlist for quite some time. It once, meant a lot to me.
  10. Razorlight - America: It's a very nice song to listen. Just nice. I thought I did not like it, but then I heard it randomly and I was like "nice".
A few hard songs which I love listening to at full volume when I am pissed off or when I require energetic inspiration:
  1. Cobra Starship - Snakes On A Plane
  2. 30 Seconds To Mars - The Kill
  3. Shinedown - Save Me
  4. Crossfade - Cold
  5. 3 Doors Down - This Time (Tejas' recommended)
  6. My Chemical Romance - Helena
  7. Incubus - Megalomaniac (Nishant's recommended)
  8. Tantric - Mourning
  9. Silverchair - Tomorrow

P.S. Any recommendations?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random Questioning...

If a human you consider "great", or "good", or "God-like" or whom you have great "respect" for, dies, will you mourn his death? Or will you celebrate what he stood for? - His "great" existence.

Why do I ask? Last year on the 25th of November, George Best, one of the greatest English footballers to grace the earth, died. As usual, the following weekend, all premiership matches had a minute of "silence" to remember this great footballer. But the silence changed to cheers, loud, energetic cheers from the fans at Old Trafford hailing their hero and saying Amen for everything he did and stood for. The passionate reverberations could be heard and felt through the television, and all the commentators said was why mourn the death of a great man when you can appreciate "him" for what he was? I bet George Best would have preferred the cheer to the one minute silence. We all die. He was 59, some still consider that "young", but his days were numbered anyway. So accept death, but rejoice his greatness, right? I mean wouldn't you prefer that- the cheer of appreciation, when you die, to the mournful dreary silence? I would.

P.S. I don't know, this question has been stuck in my head for quite, quite a while, almost an year, I had to blurt it out.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Redial Entertainment

Post board-exam time, Redial Entertainment will begin officially.

What we are all about:

We like doing things. Obviously. We all have some talent or the other and we don't want to waste it. So we plant do something useful with it. Redial Entertainment is, as Tejas said, a Non-Profit organization, at least financially. The profit we want from this is the exposure, the fun, the references, the recommendations and over and above it all, the experience.

What we'll offer:

A plethora of randomly connected things - that's what we will offer. Our main concentration will be media-related projects, but the break down below of what each of us will do for Redial Entertainment, will give you an idea as to what Redial Entertainment will exactly offer.

  1. Anish Malpani - Manager/Head of Production/Editor/ Brand Manager
  2. Tejas Menon - Assistant Manager/Director Of Photography/Assistant Sound-Advisor/ Assistant Brand Manager/ Editor
  3. Ali Yar Khan - Lead Guitarist (up for "loan", will play for those who deservingly require him)/Music & Sound Advisor
  4. Harendra Kapur - Head Of Advertising/Voice Over-er/Actor (on loan)/Creative Advisor
  5. Romit Sen - Head Cameraman/Assistant Editor/Head Archiver/Video-Creative Advisor
Special Advisory Team & Support:
Mr Axel Rodericks
Mrs Sharen Lobo

What we plan to specialize in:
  1. Video/Presentations for any purpose (Professional Backgrounds, Professional Video Support, Amateur Trailers, Amateur Advertisements, Memory Based Videos, Fun Videos, etc)
  2. Lead Guitarist Available
  3. Sound/Music Advice
  4. Actor/Voice Over-giver available
  5. Background Music + Minus Tracks
  6. Amateur Band Management & Support
NOTE: Redial Entertainment is very flexible. We will do whatever we can. If we are told to handle an event, and we see potential fun and experience-giving experience, we will go for it.

We are not going force anyone to pay us for our work. Materialistically, all we want is references and recommendations.

Visit us:
What you will get from the site:

Our ambitions, and all our previous videos. We are trying to upload as many as we can. Plus, we will get a domain later, and make things more professional.

What we want you to do:

If you want any of the above mentioned things processed, please contact us.
If you know anyone who might want the above mentioned things processed, please contact us.
Any support will be appreciated.
Thank you

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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Stress is everywhere. Exam time - it's around even more. Everyone, everywhere, is going through 'shit'. So what all us "going-through-shit-ers" need is more stress. Confused? My theory - "Beyond a point, shit stress converts to fun stress, so get stressed above that point." I really don't know what I am saying.

"Calm is for wimps. Get real. Get stressed."

Some stress-increasing maneuvers:
  1. Choose friends you don't like.
  2. Be late. Always.
  3. Behave like a sardar...
  4. Go to the premiere of Casino Royale. Sit next to people. Talk loudly.
  5. On your way out of the cinema, discuss the end of Casino Royale loud enough for the world to hear.
  6. Record the sound of a dentist's drill. Play it at bedtime.
  7. Recognize your limitations. Then ignore them.
  8. Recognize other peoples' limitations. Then tell them what to do.
  9. Before reaching the paying counter of Carrefour, remove all the bar-codes of your shopping so they won't scan.
  10. If you can't do it, don't let others do it.
  11. The best policy - Be honest. All the time. With everyone. About everything.
  12. The better policy - Lie. All the time. To everyone. About everything.
  13. Practise rudeness, not just to make others feel bad, but also to make you feel bad about yourself. It's a win-win situation.
  14. Fart in confined spaces. But only if other people are present.
  15. Burp, and then say "Bless Me".
  16. Hear others burp, and then say "Bless You".
  17. Whine daily.
  18. Become a politician.
  19. Have Red Bull before going to bed.
  20. Never return things you borrow.
  21. Get a job writing junk mail.
  22. Blog about "how you open the bathroom door".
  23. Take credit for successes you have nothing to do with.
  24. Buy a multi-alarm clock. Set the alarm for every 30 minutes. Then go to sleep.
  25. HFZ - Make yourself a Humour Free Zone. If you ever find yourself laughing, go to the bathroom and get yourself together.
  26. Always borrow money from your friends. Forget or put off repaying them for as long as possible.
  27. Make study schedules you cannot keep up with.
  28. Leave everything to the last minute.
  29. At family get-togethers, start talking about the following: sex.
  30. Be a wet blanket.
  31. Write down your worries. Read the list before you go to bed.
  32. Learn to snore.
  33. Shout at people at least twice a day.
  34. Try your best to make every competitor know that you are licking ass to become a prefect.
  35. Buy shoes one size too small.
  36. Always criticize everyone's clothes.
  37. Become like Karan. (sorry, I am in the mood)
  38. Blame everyone else for your failure.
  39. Remember that there is absolutely no point in talking about someone behind their back unless they get to hear about it.
  40. Never have a bath.
  41. Forget brushing your teeth.
  42. Eat lots and lots of garlic, and then ask your crush for her number.
  43. Make rumours. Spread them.
  44. Intentionally fail in your exams.
  45. Join the "best" school.
  46. Try and enjoy the stress...
  47. Do you have any more of these?

P.S. Gone are the stress-free days so make use of the stress-ful ones. Most of the above quotes were taken from "The Little Book Of Stress" written by Rohan Candappa. One of the quotes in it is, " Take credit for successes you have nothing to do with." Thanks Rohan.
No offense intended.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh Vice Captain, My Vice Captain!

One person I haven't formally thanked yet is Aaron Luke Gomes, my vice-captain. The deadliest finisher of our team who spear-heads the attack, Aaron has been great support throughout the 5 years that has ultimately led to this mammoth victory.

From the Al Diyafah U-16 Inter School Football Tournament victory, to all the Inter House Football victories, to last year's elimination, to this year's victory - Aaron has always been there beside me, and I have always prized his opinion. Besides that Aaron, our combination on the field has been more than deadly, and I love playing with you. This time 5 of the goals we scored were because of our combination!

Respect Aaron! Tomorrow, when we get the trophy in front of the school, the both of us will lift it, with the team and everyone else beside/behind/around us. =)

P.S. I did not forget, it just kind off slipped...

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Victory is sweet. It's the sweetest. There is nothing like total victory. We are champions. Champions. We are the best among those we compete with. And with conquering your opponents, you conquer your dreams and desires, and then the pure joy that flows out, the emotions, the passion, the sheer ecstasy is the best feeling anyone can have. A feeling that you are on top of the world, and nothing, nothing can stop you from feeling happy. The adrenalin is pumping, and you find this hidden energy within you, that comes bursting out. You reach the pinnacle of satisfaction, and at that moment, nothing seems better. You forget all other pleasures and woes. Sometimes it takes time for the victory to seep in, "shit we have actually won!". It seems like a dream, a dream you don't want to snap out of, and you don't snap out of it because that dream is now reality.

All the practices we had, during Ramadan, under Al Maktoum bridge, in Romit's play area where we endlessly tried to improve our volleys and touches, from grade 7 to now, that preparation, that hard-work, that commitment to the larger cause, that feeling that every time we played football, we played only to win that single tournament we take part in every year, for the biggest bang, the bang that is like a historic legacy in its own small way in the Dubai Modern High School for football, all the seemingly "years of preparation" has led us to a victory that we wanted the most. Screw the medals and the cups, what we wanted was the glory, the glory of victory, because it's that glory that makes everything seem worthwhile. We wanted it, we got it. Hell yeah!

As Captain, I have to specially thank a few people. I would like to thank my team, for their oneness, great spirit, great teamwork, great sportsmanship and for the respect they gave me. I respect you for that. Beyond all the glory-takers, i.e goal-scorers, a special thanks to an unsung hero - Neil Jonathan D'souza - our small Neil. He played with all his heart, and his determination, strength, speed and purposeful tackles played a major role in giving us that once-elusive victory. A special thanks also to Edwin Mathew for a gritty, strong and reliable role as Defensive Midfield. He was brilliant too.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank all those students and teachers that supported us, from the frantic phone calls of Tejas and Govind, to the "good luck" comments on this blog, and on your MSN nicknames. Thank you - support is always good, and many a time, crucial. Lastly, we would like to thank our passionate and energetic coach - Mr Mahesh Sharma. Thank you sir - you got the best out of us, and made us believe in ourselves even more. Thanks for everything. A special thanks also goes out to Venu Sir, for attending every match, and giving us spurts of inspiration. Thank you sir!

Shit, it feels like the Oscars. I am going to stop. I didn't want this post to be too long, but hey, I really can't control myself at the moment!

More than winning, the whole campaign has been this enchanting and enriching experience of tackling people and emotions, literally and symbolically. Wow - it's been one hell of a roller-coaster, a roller-coaster that we have enjoyed so, so much.

P.S. The obvious song to listen too: "Queen - We Are The Champions"


Yes, the past posts have been a little monotonous - I'm sorry, we just can't stop winning. :P

No really, my posts have been monotonous - football, more football, more victories, more detailed goal explanations, more randomness, more Our-Own-Sharjah-Press-Reporter type posts.

The reason - these posts are for me, and to a certain extent our football team - to serve as pieces of memory, years down the line. The goal explanations are for me to visualize 10 years down the line, and chuckle away with sheer delight. Most of you haven't been able to read through all of them, and it's cool, I don't expect you too.

Selfish? Well this is my blog, so-

For those of you that have supported us, the football team, with your 'congratulations' and 'good luck' comments on this blog, along with your MSN nickname encouragements - RESPECT! Thank you, it is much appreciated - by me, and by the entire team, any support is.

P.S. For some reason, I loved writing this post.

Finals! - Finally...


Modern: 4
Charan - 15'
Dusty - 20'
Anish - 33'
Charan - 40'

Indian High School, Dubai: 1
Some Dude - 50'

For the first time in 20 years, Modern High has won a senior inter-school football tournament. Actually, leave alone "won", for the first time in 20 years, Modern High has progressed to the next stage of an inter school senior football tournament, and boy, don't we feel proud having the honour of creating history.

The finals was interesting. The first 10 minutes saw Indian High dominate completely, and it seemed like they would score any minute. But a good counter-attack led to our first goal. Romit's cross from the right-flank was met by Charan, who slotted home another volley, this one involving less luck. It was taken really well, a great finish - thanks Charan!

The second goal was even better. I chipped in a ball for Dusty from the left flank, it rick-o-sheyed off a defender, and Dusty smacked (well volleyed) it home which was clearly the best goal of the game. The third goal came in the second half, where I outran the defence and push-passed it beyond the goal-keeper. The fourth goal was created by Dusty. He himself had an opportunity to score, but missed it. However he got hold of the rebound, and from the left flank, set up Charan. Charan thwarted it, and the ball went flying into the goal, after hitting a Indian High hand and experiencing several deflections. 4-0 to the good. Brilliant.

Ali got his second yellow card of the tournament, and it was yet another proud moment for him. However the resultant free kick resulted in a goal. So there, IHS got a consolation. Big deal. By the end of it all, we all seemed tired. "Seemed" because god knows where the energy came from for celebrating the way we did. We went officially bezerk. Hugs and kisses, and more hugs, and some uncomfortable handshakes, in addition to the victory lap and the jumping huddle, exemplified the pure ecstasy we were experiencing.

Personally, I would like to thank the 11ths and the 12ths that came and supported us today. It helps - it's encouraging - so thank you. Another thank you to Tejas and Govind for videotaping our match, hopefully they will give us edited copies. Yeah Tejas, I am hinting. Also, thanks to all the teachers that supported us through out.

Thanks everyone!

P.S. Right now I can't stop typing. We have frigging won! Brilliantly unbelievable!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Semifinals - HAH!

UPDATED: The Khaleej Times article on the semifinals...


Modern: 1
Charan - 2'

NIMS, Sharjah: 0

We won, again. The match summary is simple. From the kick-off, within a couple of minutes, we raced into the lead. I received the ball on the right flank, went past a couple of defenders, and put in a cross. The ball got slightly deflected by one of the defenders, but it somehow reached Charan. The deflection obviously put him off a little, but he got his shin to the ball. The ball went towards the far post, struck it, and went in. It took time for us to actually realize that we scored, it was as if we were waiting for some kind of confirmation. I bet everyone asked themselves - 'did that actually go in?'. It did. One-nil to the good.

After that, however, we became Italy-like. We switched to defence mode, and our opponents switched to turbo attack mode. They struck the bar twice, and had an open goal to score into, but didn't convert any of their chances. Thank god. Luck was on our side, and I hope it stays with us for the finals too. And beyond the luck, our defence was pretty strong too. Our small Neil was simply brilliant. His pace, strength and determination underlines the fact that he is the best defender in our team. Hats off to him for a great display, not only today, but throughout the tournament. Attack-wise we had no real chances after our goal. The whole team was defending, and I guess that's a game of its own, a game lateral to the fast-flowing attacking that everyone likes to see. Anyway, it's the result that matters.

Our final is against Indian High School, Dubai. Now Indian High is one team that have been lucky throughout. They qualified from their group as the second place team without scoring any goals. 0 goals. How did they go through? They got a walk over and got 2 more points from 2 goalless draws. Their luck did not stop there. In the quarters, they faced arguably the best team of the tournament, Our Own, Al Warqaa. They beat them on penalties after playing out a 2-2 draw. It doesn't stop there either. In the semis, they faced Our Own Indian, Dubai. Indian High won on penalties, again. They had drawn 1-1 in normal time, and guess how they got their goal? The OOIS goalkeeper had the ball in his hand next to his goal. An IHS player nudged him, and the keeper dropped the ball into the goal. The referee did not see it. The goal stood. Unfair? Or plain lucky? Unbelievable, definitely.

So luck also seems to like IHS, but I guess it is less hypocritical towards them. To add to their luck, we have some sort of voodoo against them. In the past, we have always lost to them. 5-0 - when I was in 8th, 3-2 - when I was in 10th, 7-1 - when I was in 11th. This year, football wise, they are definitely not as good as they were in the past, and we are hungry for revenge. We want to kick their ass. That's it.

P.S. For those who don't know, the whole of 11th and 12th grade boys will get to see the finals on Sunday!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Quarterfinals! YES!

Updated: The Khaleej Times article on the quarterfinals...


Modern: 2

Anish - 32'
Charan - 58'

Delhi Private School, Jebel Ali: 1
The 'Captain' - 20'

Hypocritical luck was again hypocritical today. It didn't trip us, but it kicked Our Own, Al Warqaa out. Clearly the most dominating team, Our Own, Al Warqaa were devastated to be kicked out by the poor Indian High School team by the cruelest of settlers - the dreaded penalty shoot-out. A team that scored 10 goals in 3 matches lost to a team that scored 0 goals in their group matches. Unbelievable. Damn, I feel for them. Because of Our Own, Al Warqaa, we progressed through the group stages, and now we have progressed to the semis, while they have stumbled. So this bit is just a tribute to them. Well played guys, you were just unlucky.

Our match was different. A poor 1st half was capped by a 40 yard free-kick from the DPS, Sharjah captain that passed into the net over our goalkeeper. Annoyed and suppressed, we came out in the second half more pumped up then ever, almost as if to throw back the suppression on our opponents' face. And we did just that. A brilliant move, that involved a one-two between Aaron and me, led to our first goal. I won the ball in midfield, played it to Aaron, who supplied me a sublime, first-touch, backheeled pass, which I received on the run, I then glided past a couple of defenders and slotted home the equalizer. 2 minutes - that's all it took. From then on, the scenario changed completely. We dominated, winning more balls in midfield and by making less errors. Edwin put on a strong performance, anchoring the midfield and defence by not allowing any ball to seep through. The defence looked more solid, and Bharath made a couple of good reaction saves. On the other end, I hit the bar twice. The first instance was when Romit fed be lovely ball, and I tried to lift it over the goalkeeper, only to strike the bar. In the second instance, my pace beat the defence, but my finish could only hit the inside of the post. How that didn't go in? - I will never know! Charan also had a couple of brilliant chances. At one time, he was clean through with only the keeper to beat, but he stumbled under pressure. Aaron also came close with a volley. It seemed to be just one of those days.

Anyway, 2 minutes before the end, Dusty sweeped in a long ball from the right flank, and Charan pushed it into the goal with a left footed volley. Brilliant. A last minute stunner. We flipped. Nirmal, our young substitute, ran onto the field without the knowledge of the officials. Our coach flipped. Charan almost got squeezed to death. Everyone lost their voices, screaming - it was sheer jubilation, one of those moments where you feel like you cannot possibly be more happy and when you think that your lives truly rock.

However, what followed wasn't a merry sight. The referee put in 10 additional minutes. 10! Yes 10 whole minutes! Even professional matches don't add on so much time. Our coach was going insane on the touchline. All the passion and anger was oozing out. It almost seemed that the referees were against us. But we tried to derive as much pleasure as we could from the extra 10 minutes by employing all the possible time-wasting techniques. Aaron, Dusty and I took the ball to the corner flag and shielded it, annoying the hell out of the other team.

The final whistle was finally sounded, and we freaked out, like a bunch of teenage girls, hugging, kissing, laughing - and then we stretched - to warm down our worn out legs. We have our semi-finals tomorrow. Aaron has taken a knock, and almost everyone has some niggling pain or the other. But once we are on the field, the adrenalin rush is just too strong, all the pain seeps away, and we have this new 'josh' in ourselves.

Basically, I am really excited and cannot seem to stop typing. Let me just conclude by saying that we will try our best in the semis, and reaching the finals would be dream-like - so we'll give it our all. And guys, all of you, thank you so much for the support. It means a lot to us. I hope you guys can come to watch the match. Support is always good! But "you can't miss your classes". Obviously.

P.S. The long detailed post is for memory, a few years down the line, for me, and for the team. So please forgive and ignore if you are bored. =)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

India At Its Controversial Best! (starring Sharad Pawar, Ricky Ponting & Damien Martyn)

Australia wins the ICC Champions Trophy like real champions. They go forth to lift the trophy that is being given to them by the BCCI head, Sharad Pawar. They acknowledge the trophy, nudge Sharad Pawar out of the way, and celebrate their victory for the press.

2 days later the mob of India notices this. They notice that Damien Martyn 'nudges' Sharad Pawar away. Obviously, there is an uproar everywhere. All across the country, there are riots and peaceful (hopefully) campaigns against the Australians. Donkeys are painted in Australian colours, and have Damien Martyn written on them. The message is clear - A bunch of donkeys kicked the "mighty" India out of the ICC Champions trophy. Right.

AAJ TAK makes even a bigger issue of this. Hey, anything controversial is good news for news television. They replay the incident a hundred times, literally. And obviously, they then get a couple of people to explain how terrible the act was, and how disrespectful the Aussies were and how they should apologize and how they should be fined, punished and what not. Then you see scenes of the mob chanting ferociously against the Australians. Ozzie flags are burnt and there are banners all around saying 'Australians Is Bad'. Right. A heated debate continues to flair up even more.

The nudged victim, Mr Pawar, steps forward, and provides a twist in the tale by not joining the country in mourning "the great nudge". He says that the Australians were excited, they did not realize what they were doing and they did not intend to do it, so the chapter is closed. Thank you, Mr Pawar for making sense.

But then, our very own super cool Yuvraj Singh wants to be in the news too, so he butts in with an opinion of his own, which is so not needed. Right. India. Obviously.

What I think? - Fine, the 'nudging' was disrespectful. It was not required and should not have been done. But it was not intended. Even Pawar gets it. Why make such a big deal out of it? There are so many other issues that require repetitive coverage, not this miserly incident. Why the hell does India have to blow up everything into this big 'tamasha'? Do we enjoy it? What about the poverty? What about the over-population? Who is raising awareness for that? The press , and yes AAJ TAK especially, are at fault for making such a big deal out of something that could have been made done by a side-column newspaper article. They know that the remaining part of the mob who weren't aware of this earlier will follow them. It's like they want to create chaos. Idiots.

P.S. I bet the Australians are laughing their asses off, not at what they did, but at the uproar they created.


Updated: The Khaleej Times article on the match...

3rd Group Match:

Modern: 1

Anish - 35'

SIS, Sharjah: 2
No. 6 Red Boots - 44'
Random Dude - 47'

Today, we lost, again. We were leading 1-0, again, and the SIS came back to win 2-1 by scoring a couple of goals late in the second half, again. Unlucky? Well luck was hypocritical today, like it always is. Due to a bizarre state of circumstances, we still made it into the quarterfinals as the second team from our group, even when we lost 2 of our 3 matches. Brilliantly lucky!

Today's match wasn't as entertaining as the one against Al Warqaa. Both teams started slow, and we did not really get to dominate SIS, even though their defense was really week. Half way into the second half, I shot us into the lead. Big Neil (i.e. of Grade 12) gave me a pass on the edge of the area, and the ball found its way in the back of the net. We had a good lead, partly deserved and should have kept it. But then things did not go our way. In the last 5 minutes SIS scored 2 quick goals. The first goal was quite brilliant. Their best player, known to us as 'No. 6 Red Boots', dribbled his way past the defense from the corner area, and slotted in a neat left foot shot past our goalkeeper. Their next goal was a little haphazard, and it somehow found its way in the back of the net. The linesman flagged for an offside, but as soon as the referee looked at him, he put his flag down, very cheekily. Anyway, those things happen, but sometimes it's so annoying. What was more annoying was that in the last minute of injury time, I was through on goal, only to slip and miskick the ball. The rebound fell to Romit, but his shot was blocked, and then before Aaron could slot home a last-minute-Drogba-vs-Barcelona-type equalizer, the defense cleared. Immediately after that, the final whistle resonated in our ears.

Our coach was understandably annoyed, and we were all disappointed in ourselves. Twice in two days - that's not good. We lacked aggression, and that 'no-fear' attitude. Skill-wise, we are good, but fitness and aggression wise, we are pretty poor. Our coach drilled that into us today in a long and intense after-match talk. I felt we were too defensive, and the after-match talk saw us all voicing our opinion and get everything cleared. It will only serve us good. There is nothing like talking everything out.

Anyway, Fate seemed to be teasing us. For us to qualify, Our Own Warqaa had to beat NIMS, Dubai, and they did, and we were through. We are through. Now the Warqaa team are like our brothers, but the fraternal love we share will all change if we end up facing them in the knock-out stages. Our principal spoke to us today and said that he wanted us to lose in the finals. Basically the goal is set - finals. Expectations are a little too high, and that's never good, but we will give it our all. Let's hope luck loses the hypocrisy and takes our side.

P.S. Hypocritical 'luck' or hypocritical 'fate' is an obvious example of how 'luck' and 'fate' don't really affect people, they just affect our mindset.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Football Update...

UPDATED: The Khaleej Times article on the match...

2nd Group Match

Modern: 2
Aaron - 6'
Anish - 18'

Our Own English High School, Al Warqaa: 3
Isaq - 11'
Isaq - 27'
Naveed - 30'

Today, we lost. With a 2-1 lead at half time, we failed to hold on. Our 1st goal was a good finish from Aaron. I threaded a through ball, and Aaron took the goal quite brilliantly, like a true striker. They hit back with a typical cross-in-from-right-then-tap-in. We were then lucky to go up 2-1. I shot, frankly what was a shit shot, and it bounced off a rough patch in the goal area, and defied the goalkeeper. Then, we thought God had indeed blessed us.

But things changed in the second half. 2 quick goals in the from Al Warqaa settled the fray. However we went down fighting. While we were 3-2 down, we had numerous chances to equalize, however we lacked composure and luck when it came to the finishing. I missed 2 chances that I could have, should have taken. In one of the chances I was clean through, but I didn't completely realize that, and I shot feebly. But the best chance to equalize came in the last few seconds when I ran down the right flank, past a couple of defenders, and floated a ball into the center. Aaron came running forward, and jumped up for a header. His technique was perfect. He was 2 feet up in the air, in full momentum, ready to slot his header home. His head connected sweetly with the ball. The ball flew towards the goal, half of us thought it was in, and were on the brink of celebration, but it flew agonizingly off the bar. Damn. That was our story all morning. Our coach said we played poorly and lacked toughness. He said that we needed to make hard tackles, and prevent ourselves from making first-time tackles, for which I was personally to blame.

Anyway, all is not lost. We still have a very good chance of going through if we win tomorrow's match against SIS. NIMS, Dubai, who we beat 2-0, beat SIS 4-2. So technically we still have a very good chance of going through. And even if we fail to win tomorrow, we can move into the quarterfinals on a better goal difference depending on how other matches go. But we don't want to depend on anyone else. Let's hope we win convincingly tomorrow. We just have too.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ms Dewey...

In the pits of adversity, when man has no hope, when there is absolutely no search engine in the world that will give you the required, relevant result for 'carenthopathiclamonist', it is then that Ms. Dewey will come to our rescue -

Yes, it's a search engine, a search engine with a difference. I'm not saying you will get a required, relevant result for 'carenthopathiclamonist', actually I am sure you won't, but you will surely get entertained. Ms Dewey is this cyber-cleavage-showing babe who keeps knocking on your monitor-screen if you don't type anything in her search-bar. She is more of a man-eating-drool-creating chick who evades being annoying plainly because she is hot, and is a half-decent actor. And Ms Dewey, this new type of searh-engine, is apparently a Microsoft invention, so no illegal, explicit content here. Anyway I have to give this to Microsoft that 'she' is definitely an interesting concept, who has potential, but only in the future. A more user-friendly approach is better but when half the world doesn't have high speed internet, and a quarter of the world doesn't even have internet, this concept is definitely one not for today. Worth a visit though, in times of extreme boredom...

P.S. 'Carenthopathiclamonist' isn't really a word. So Shri, chill, don't panic, it doesn't exist. And also, credit to Deepali for introducing Ms. Dewey to me - visit her blog here.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Football Jerseys!

UPDATED - 4/11/2006

See the Khaleej Times article on the football tournament we are taking part in.

P.S. My middle name is Kishore.


UPDATED - 3/11/2006

1st Group Match:

Modern: 2
Aaron - 6'
Anish - 26

NIMS, Dubai: 0'

A decent start to the campaign, but we played the easiest team in our group. Our coach gave us a 4/10, but we still won. I guess the most we got out of this match is the confidence and morale boost which is highly important and required. Anyway, the next 2 teams we will face (Our Own, Al Warqaa & SIS) are both tough, but hey, we need only one win to go through - and we want this too much.

Thanks guys, for your support.


UPDATED - 1/11/2006 (not really, but we got our jerseys then)

Cool huh?


If you are a part of the the Dubai Modern High School's Football team for 2006-2007, you are one lucky man, and it's confirmed - at the price of Dhs. 80/- only.

Yes, the school team, for the first time in twenty years, will have a non-Ajax, non-Man-Utd, non-blue, actual school jersey, with the players' names and numbers on the flipside. The front will bear a handsome, but simple school logo, along with the word 'M O D E R N'. It was previously going to be 'DMHS', but our principal put it right - 'DMHS' sounds rubbish. All over the world, it is 'Eton', 'Winchester' - so, we will have 'Modern'. And yes sir, I totally agree. 'Modern' does sound better.

That's what our jersey will look like, but without the logos and 'Nakheel'. It will have the school logo and "MODERN' printed on it instead.

We placed in an order for the jerseys today, and they should be ready on the eve of our first match, that is on the 1st of November. We'll look cool, proud and dignified, andthese jerseys will also serve as a piece of memory of the year that was (yeah it's still to get over, but hey...let's hope it's one to remember). So enjoy them. I'm bloody excited to get mine!

Shifting to Indian inter-school football in Dubai - it's pathetic. Every year there is only one, week-long, tournament to take part in. Only one. It's so sad. The Indian sporting infrastructure is poor, and that poorness is even pervading out to places like Dubai. Anyway we love the game, and it's for this reason that when this tournament does knock on the door, we all come rushing out. The excitement levels are immense. Anticipation and nervousness, along with the hunger to prove the discouraging claims of our school of 'we suck' wrong. However, year after year, we turn out to be the losers. With shameful defeats where goal differences reach double figures, to heart-breaking losses, over the years Modern has seen the worst of the Indian football scene in Dubai.

But there have been moments of pure bliss and amazement, like when the junior team of 2004, against all odds, came back winners of the U-16 Al Diyafah Inter School Football tournament for Indian schools. That junior team is today's senior team. It's our last year in school. This is our last tournament. However shit the Indian football scene in Dubai is, this tournament means a lot to us. We want to do well. We have to do well. Let us hope that we will do well. As captain, I would like to wish the entire team good luck, and remember - we play for the love of the game. So enjoy the football, and the result, whatever it is, will take care of itself. Modern High is not known for football. In fact, majority of our school ridicules it's own school football. Damn, it'll feel good to prove them wrong.

P.S. This post is dedicated to Mr. Biswas, our ex-coach, who I want to thank for moulding our football team into one cohesive unit. He coached us to our historic and unexpeceted U-16 Al Diyafah Inter School Football Tourney victory. Thank you sir.