Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fortunately Fortunate

After landing in India at 4:00 am, we didn't expect anyone to pick us up from the airport, and no one did show up. So we took a taxi - a 1979 Fiat, which, with great effort, could only hit the 40km/hr mark. We were talking to the taxi driver - an oldish man, say about 60 years old, very naive looking, humble and innocent. To earn a fee of Rs. 250, he had waited in the taxi line for a whole of 18 hours! Yes let it sink, 18 hours, and believe it or not, it was one of his busy days. An off-season day would take him about 30 hours to get a passenger. Yes for the whole of 30 hours, he sat, slept, ate, drank tea and dreamt of better fortune in his jalopy. He still manages to sustain his life, probably other members of his family also contribute to the total house earning, but it is definitely a struggle. This is not the case of this man only; there are probably hundreds like him.

Yes fortune is not totally responsible for his state, but hell, it is a major reason for his condition. We on the other hand are fortunately fortunate. Let's thank God for that, that is, obviously, if He truly exists. It made me think, made me feel blessed, made me feel lucky, made me respect everything I have, made me thank my parents and everyone around me, it made me feel very fortunate, because I could have been that taxi driver.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Off To India!

For all us NRI 'Desis', going to India, once a year, or at least once in two years, is a must. And as we have left half our lives their, going to India means meeting everyone we know and everyone our parents know. So obviously, due to our Indian culture, we cannot go empty handed. So begins this quest to fulfill the needs of every single friend/relative. And obviously, we kids don't get involved; we leave it to our parents. Then it starts! A week before our due departure, the biggest possible bags are lowered from the topmost shelf. These bags, wrapped in rolls of plastic sheets, are then removed and laid down to be filled with chocolates, not clothes. So obviously before all this, our mothers make a trip to the mall and purchase a bagful, no sorry, bagfuls of chocolates and other possible gifts that our humble Indian friends will be fascinated by. Along with the chocolates, all the 'give-away' gifts we receive are added to the pile to well, give away. Then the sorting process begins, and bags are made for each relative and friend. The gifts are then distributed equally amongst our beloved friends. Remember, this is all a week before we are actually supposed to leave. So basically, what I am trying to tell you is that don't enter our house one week before we leave for India, because it literally turns upside down. Clothes, chocolates, suitcases and plastic bags are lying everywhere. Ultimately, when these 'necessities' are carefully placed in the bags, we NRIs realize that traveling with 6 large bags, and 4 overfilled hand bags, is going to be pretty tough. But we somehow manage, and the whole journey is like a workout, we feel good about ourselves. The elation on the faces of our loved ones when they meet us makes it all worthwhile. The gifts we give them does satisfy them, but it's the pleasure of our company that they all seek. And we realize just how humble and fun they, and we remember why India is our home, away from home.

After the memorable stay, the journey back home is quite like a cake walk. Three out of the six bags are empty and the other three are pretty light too. Our worn out souls finally receive some rest from the sheer energy and excitement of India.

Well, I haven't reached India yet, but I am sure we are going to have a blast there. After all, Indian family marriages, which are more like family 'get-togethers', are the most exciting.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Arsenal Are Back - With The Biggest Possible Bang!

7-0! Arsenal - the only team to win by 7 goals twice in the space of just 8 months! Yes, Arsenal 7, Boro 0! A sublime Henry hat-trick, a Pires beauty, finally one from Gilberto, a Senderos header (marking the conversion of his international form to domestic football) and a tap-in from Hleb - 7 goals, which could have easily even been 12! Arsenal played with flair, and showed us what football is all about. Their football was Brazilian-like flamboyant - passing that rhymed like poetry and finishing that was like gunshots to the head! They had 24 shots on goal, out of which 17 were on target, and this was against a team that beat Manchester United 4-1!

And, talking about the Red Devils, Manchester City got the better off them in the derby, which basically told the Devils to go back to hell, and boy, we Gunners were just enjoying.

And to top that, the signing of potentially-better-than-Viera player, Diaby and the tall, lanky, Drogbaish Adebayor has got us Gunners quite excited. Watch out Europe, Arsenal might just take you by storm!

All in all it has been a great few days for us - the Arsenal fans, and let's just hope it gets better.

P.S - Bharath, the 'bang' in my title doesn't mean what you think it does!

Thursday, January 12, 2006


All you jobless MSN loafers, as in those like me, here is something you can try. Add this...well...'person' to your MSN list - spleak@hotmail.com. Talk to her! She is quite interesting and extremely fascinating. She also has some difficulty in understanding some of our coarse slang, so be a little patient. I would like to thank Harrendra for introducing me to her, who, by the way, heard about her through Ishika.

And for you presumptuous people, she has nothing to do with my earlier post.

She is...

respectable, down-to-earth, loving, adorable, bloody smart, passionate, pragmatic, genuine, mature, sociable, caring, strong, responsible, outgoing, impassive, artistic, special and beautiful - and that's why I adore her!

10/10/06: But everything ends, and then you breathe new life...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Only a few days ago, my favourite guitarist, Mohd. Ali Yar Khan, told me to watch/hear this wonderful piece of music. - It is a must see/hear! - for any guitarist, any guitar enthusiast or any Bon Jovi fan!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

An Epiphany

Look, I am not trying to be too philosophical here, but well I had this sudden realisation that for the first time, ever, a friend saw right through me, and did the right thing at the right time. These winter holidays were intense. The past twenty days were literally like a transitional period. Emotional breakdowns, undying euphoria, sudden realisations, plain fun, unbreakable connections and laughable moments - it was more exciting than the fourth Harry Potter film. The holidays were filled with contrasting and enigmatic emotions and experiences. They started off at a breaking point, but recovered quite brilliantly, and ended on a mixed note - happy but empty. It was at this instant that I needed something, I didn't know what nor did I realise that I needed something. But I got that something, from the last person I expected, in the form of this fascinating piece of writing. It was deep and somewhat metaphorical in the sense that only I could vividly relate to what the piece of writing was saying. This piece of writing not only aided me, but it also helped to clear the feelings of the author. It was complimentary. It gave both of us a feeling of satisfaction and joy, and for this little upliftment, I want to, once again, tell that friend - Thank you.

People around us affect us the most, they can destroy us and at the same time they sustain us. Only people can give us true, lasting joy - how? By showing us they care, by actually doing something for us. They give us a reason to live. All we think about is ourselves. If we can just put someone else before ourselves - for once, it is unbelievable the amount of joy it can bring us. By helping others, by caring for people we really care about, by making our loved ones happy, we get this sense of satisfaction that is, according to me, priceless. Everything in this world is complimentary. Newton's 3rd Law is truly true - every action DOES have an opposite reaction.

I am afraid I have treaded into philosophical grounds, which a lot of people, quite frankly, find bullshit. But this is completely my opinion and perspective, which anyone is free to comment on.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Henry's STAYING!

For the Arsenal faithful, day before yesterday's news was as sweet as it gets - Henry's staying an Arsenal man. He said in his press conference that he likes Arsenal, and wants to stay, and most importantly, he has not spoken to any other club about his future.
What Wenger had to say about this? - Well it was all sweet. This article will throw more light on it.

What I want to talk about is the character that Henry is. He has this certain charisma, this very principled way of looking at life and his career. On the pitch, he is this flamboyant trickster, this wistful magician, this deadly finisher, who doesn't want to just score 'goals', but rather score beautiful goals. He shows us what football is all about, and why it is loved by the world. His agile movements, his masterful fakes and his breathtaking pace makes him the most admirable footballer - atleast to me. His cheeky smile, his confidence, his strength - defines him as the one of the finest footballers ever.

Off the pitch, he is as dominating as he is on it. The whole 'Stand Up, Speak Up' campaign earned him the cover page in TIME. Racism is evil, disgusting and one of the largest holes in our society. See people for who they are, not for their colour or race. What really matters is accepting who you are, and what you are inside. Loyalty and faith says a lot about a person, and coming back to Henry, that's what he has always shown - to Arsenal.
Eventhough we don't know how Theirry actually is as a person, we can say that he is passionate about what he does. He loves football, and he loves Arsenal - I hope that is truly true. If you watch him play, notice how unselfish he is on the pitch, in the 2003-04 season he had the second highest number of assists, in addition to the highest number of goals.

All this says a lot about a person, it says a lot about Henry. He has influenced me, and for that and everything else, I respect and honour him.

Note: The above picture, is one that I, myself have edited. It was orginally of one person I cannot stand - Van Nistelrooy, at Old Trafford. I removed him, and super-imposed Henry onto it - Cool! huh? It also has some deeper meaning. :)

My First Post - My Inspiration To Blogging

Well I have tried blogging earlier, and I have tried convincing my friends to do it too. But it didn't work, so this is my second effort, and it's going to be a solo one.

My inspiration - my sister!(her blog) She started blogging a while back and her fascination has fascinated me, to an extent that I felt quite worthless to not have my own blog. Blogging has helped her learn about and possibly meet new people, it has aided to her growth of general knowledge - not that she didn't have any earlier.
Honestly, my sister has been my inspiration for many things. I have learnt a lot, A LOT from her and respect her deeply for that. A great person, a loving sister, a passionate worker, an honest soul, an avid listner and whether she likes it or not, an ardent advisor ;). Didi, I dedicate this post to you. Thank you.

My interests (however cliched this sound) include football (majorly), music (to a certain extent), people (weird?) and well I can't think of anything else so I will also add Arsenal. So expect to find stuff related to that.