Thursday, March 26, 2009


My non-blogging is more of a time issue than anything else. I have never been occupied with more things to do than right now - four 6am mornings courtesy of work, a mega event on April 11, sixteen hours of school every week and a friggin' Indian Bollywood dance that I have committed to which I kinda now regret. I am working on a new website for myself while simultaneuosly doing website/design projects for pay. Easy money is tempting, however much it shovels down the work hole.

Amidst all that, spring break was crazilliant. Cancun was safe and one hell of an experience. More on that soon, when I get time to actually think and blog.

Oh, and I should admit, I'm a little blogstipated too. Maybe this new website will splurge a fresh zeal. Till then y'all should give this a read.

P.S. Arsenal are finally doing well. Watch them wreck...IF this rare expression of Arsenal joy doesn't voodoo us gooners again.