Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mumbai & India: A Passionate Discourse


Wait for it. Give the guy a little time to move into his passionate discourse and I'm sure you will keep listening, especially if you're an Indian.


Do I support what he has to say? I don't know.
Does he have a point? I think so.
Is he being slightly hypocritical (because well he is only talking too)? Maybe
Does he speak well? Hell yeah.

P.S. I did not know how to react to this. My only reaction was that I wanted more people to hear him out and see how they react.


Romit said...

yo man... hearing him suddenly make yous wanna do something...shakes ur head up a bit... but still... sitting here so far away what can you do? except for lightin up candles and wearing clothes and sign to signify or remember the dead and pass the msg around. I guess everyone who cares is asking the same question.
but one thing he is right though... everyone will forget abt it in a few months and move onto something else.. like an important india vs Aus cricket match or something(i know i am saying this.. but i am probably gonna be one of them)... its gonna be our so-called-corrupt-inept-politicians who are gonna remain behind to do something rather than do nothing...i guess thats how the world works... and its been working like that for centuries... its hard to please evryone!!

wicked-danu said...

There's a good reason why we'll forget about it in a few months (to the point that we won't even remember the date that the attacks happened). The reason is simply that we weren't involved in it. Think about it. None of us, our friends or relatives were trapped in the Taj or Oberoi or were hunted down by the terrorists. Why would we remember? It didn't hugely affect us.

Sure we could petition the gov't to erect a memorial on some roundabout in Mumbai and they MIGHT even do that if they can stop siphoning public funds into their bank accounts. So what?

War breeds war, doesnt it? I don't understand why people are calling for an attack on the known terrorist bases in Pakistan. Why don't we push the Indian and Pakistani gov'ts to cooperate and instead put their time and money into educating and placating the bloody Kashmiris so at least their children won't learn the art of war.