Thursday, December 04, 2008

Food for Thought

Do you want to save the world, make a difference, have an impact?
Live your life?

I bet you are gonna say "both" - "Making an impact is my way of living life" or "I will live life for a bit and make a difference for a bit, you know, find the 'balance'."

Me? I'm still deciding. Or, I don't know.

P.S. This is not a cry to ask people to comment on my blog. It's just something that struck me, ironically, amidst all the "studying" that I am supposedly doing. So, it genuinely is meant to be food for thought amidst all your "studying".


Namrata said...

This is an interesting thought. Really , it is.

You ask anyone that and none of them will say " I want to live MY life" because obviously they will get branded insensitive and selfish.
However , even the people who claim to want to make a difference and try to do it , at one point will feel that their family, their friends their life is important too. Then they will prioritize. And more often then not they will choose themselves and their lives over making a difference. At a point like this, you have to make a choice and that isnt something that everyone has the power to do. Its easier to focus on yourself than on doing things for others. Its just human nature.

This made me think , and in that way your post had affected atleast one person, achieving its purpose. So kudos =)

Nishant said...

Option a)

It always has been.

This hit me a year or so back. As this thought rolls across your mind, you will notice that every time you hold the door open for someone, you aren't doing it for yourself.

That isn't the point. Just a .. um .. a demonstration.

If you lived your life, and had everything, who would remember you for it ? And if they do, would they remember you because you inspired them or because you intimidated them ? If you lived your life without regard and without courtesy, then they would remember you because of fear.

However, if you live your own life WITH regard and courtesy, you would, somewhere, destroy the essence of 'living your life', because you would be catering to another's.

Then it boils down to choice. Would you rather have people remember you through gratefulness or through fear ?

In this case, to me, option a) would be the only choice that can be justified.

At the end of it all, where do you go when you live your life without making an impact/difference ?

Nowhere. Because in all honesty, everyone, at at least some point, has made a difference.

Take any example.

You, by choosing to write this post out and not ignore it because you had to play football.

The baker, because he chose to come to work and not sustain himself at home.

Whatever it is, your choices leave marks. Sometimes scars, sometimes works of art.


Janis said...

I don't see what the trade-off is. I hardly see where the difference lies between the two.Give me an example as to where the two contradict.

Quaint Murmur said...

Erm. You asked the question and gave the answer too.

I'd like to live my life and make a difference while doing so, but in a way that allowed me, and not society or anybody else to decide what the priorities are when it comes to making a difference.

Sometimes I am incoherent in my ramblings, yes.