Monday, October 23, 2006

"Nupur's Party" Into Video Fun!

Diwali/Eid time - everyone is invited to some family friends' house or the other. We reluctant 'grown' up kids are forced to go there with our parents. If our dad's family friends have a hot son or daughter, we get a little excited. But normally that is never how it is. Anyway we go, enjoy some hearty fake laughs, have some fake, boring conversations and then go home ASAP. Well I was invited to one of these, actually my father was - and as mum wasn't around I had to go, "to give my dad company". It was at my dad's doctor-friends place - a very cool orthopedic doc who has helped fixing my bones many times, and I respect him. He has 2 daughters - one in 9th (I think) and one in 12th.

Anyway, the party began. I was late - you know why. There were 8 girls, one 6th grade boy from our school (who I personally love, but hell how much time can you spend with him?), their parents, and me. 8 girls? Well 8 much younger girls, so NO, its not as exciting as you think it is. Even trying to make conversation gets boring. So as the evening became more and more draggy, everyone was trying to think of something to do. I was just looking at my watch. Then it struck me - I have a bunch of excited girls who will listen to me if we do something fun - that's it! It's time to do what we do best - make videos!

"Let's make a video!" Now that was greeted with great joy. The excitement turned to over-excitement, and finally, I started enjoying. We thought of a story line, and in about 2 hours we finished shooting the video. They had an okay camera and a room which we could use. What else do you need?

The end product:

Okay, okay - the lighting was really bad, the camera resolution isn't too good. The story-line is really lame and "wannabe" - but hey it was for fun in the end, and we all did have fun that evening, so big shit! I enjoyed making the video. After so long I got a chance to edit a video for fun, and really mess around with it! Also the kids in the video loved it and are well quite thankful - so that's also cool!

So for a party where my dad said, "Anish you can leave by 10:30 PM", I ended up leaving at 1:00 AM. :P

Conclusions: All family friend party's are not boring. All you need is a camera. Shoot on!

P.S. Happy Diwali and Eid Mubarak to everyone!


Anonymous said...

hoooraay! finally anish is back on video editing....for fun of course :P.
Good know wat i sed about the video!
Looking forward to more Redial Entertainment!
Seriously need to do this more!

gomezzz said...

ok firstly im REALLY gotta change the wordings of that blog mann...bharath will like freak out!

lol anywyass..the was allrite....good if u consider the fact that it was impromptu. not up to the standard of FRONTROAD MANS though . hopufully redial entertainments 2nd production would be a lot better.

looking forward to more!cya!

Harry said...

ello Anish! ahahhahahaha! Can't say it's the ideal note to start the company on but if it made a family friends dinner party fun, it's definitely commendable! Respect!
Tippity toodles!

anish said...

aaron - thanks so much for the feedback! your comments mean the world to me. Your vision and great thorough deep knowledge about the wonders of film-making have blown me away a number of times. Your opinionn IS EVERYTHING!

no harm intended..:P..cheers and thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

hey aaron uhhh...i yea...
u want some PAB?

are oo em' eye tea said...

nice one anish...good job..i enjoyed it...good acting by all...specially the screaming part.... and most of all the kid ....i knw u enjoyed making the video .... kool
Good solution for boring parties ... thanx

gomezzz said...


anish dude...the sacarsm!....improve!

Anonymous said...

hey the video is pretty amature-ish, but if this one of your first its a great start. The story was poor, I guess you know that. Editing was not that impressive, you used the same flash technique to introduce people, did not catch my eye. Ive just started to read your blog, you seem to be a good writer. Anyway hope you make better videos in the future. GoodLuck!

anish said...

hey anon - thanks for the feedback!

no its not my first video...i have made many before. Sorry if the editing wasnt up to ur mark. The story - yeah it wasnt too great. in the end, it was just for fun, and I enjoyed it - what else matters huh? :P

Its great that i've got another new reader. anyway u seem to know a lot about video making...have u made any? i'd like to see them..thanks..

read on!

Anonymous said...

hey anish, yes i have produced videos, but they are all copy-righted by the company I work for and I would get into serious trouble if I decided to place it into free public viewing sites like
"Google video" or "YouTube". But since you have made some videos, I would enjoy watching them. Do not take my feedback too personally. I have had more experience in film production, than you would have had. Anyway it nice that you create videos, do you have any friends who do the same?

anish said...

No i havent taken anything personally, and quite frankly i am honoured that someone who professionally produces videos has visited my blog and has taken the effort to comment. thanks. obviously i dint know about this before as you left a comment under anonymous. but now i know, so its cool.

any advice/criticism is good when its constructive. so thanks.

yes my friends also make videos, and all of them are at an amateur scale, but we enjoy it, and try to bring as much of professionalism as we can along with the fun.
you'll find most of our videos here.

but definitely check out this one - made primarily by tejas and also romit.

enjoy, and believe me constructive feedback is always good!

Abha said...


Anonymous said...

hey anish, I must admit good videos, but some of them infact most are very kiddish, I would say someone with your interlct, as I have seen in your blog should try making serious films, because any Tom Dick and Harry can do the editing ive seen in your video, and you would progress more in doing serious productions. I mean honestly after a while you should just stop making it for fun. If you dont mind me asking, What software do you use? Did you learn it by yourself? Which one of you is the best at editing? Will look forward in seeing more hopefully more serious videos.

anish said...

we use vegas 6.0 to edit - and yeah we are all self-taught.

Best at editing..among the 5 of us...i think tejas and i have a better knowledge of vegas.

other than that...serious videos? yeah we all have this certain desire to make one hell of a serious video. and we plan soon as we get enough time!

thanks so much for your feedback!

tejas said...

amen brother!

fatema said...

hmmm .... quite gud.... i liked it.....keep up da gud always